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Our mission:

Improving export efficiency for small and medium Italian wineries and providing resources to build their brands in the markets.

A better allocation of resources:

  • Wineries spend lots of resources by deploying people all over the world to find new clients. 
  • This can be done professionally at a fraction of the cost, thus freeing resources for brand building.

More efficiency for wineries:

  • Too many resources are wasted to find new clients: we do the job at a fixed low cost and we never charge commissions on sales.
  • Money, time and travelling are saved for when the wines are in the market.

More resources for importers:

  • Discover and select new wines to import without the distractions of crowded roadshows. We bring the wines and present them in a professional environment, at the best price for you.
  • If you decide to work with a winery (or more), you will be given a promotional budget to help to build the brand in your market.

A win - win strategy:

  • Wineries do not have to spend thousands in air fares, hotels, taxis, meals, etc., and be away from their businesses for weeks just to find new clients (often with no returns). These resources can be saved and used later on in the market, where they can actually generate sales. 
  • Importers are not left alone in the effort, and cost, of introducing a new brand. The promotional budget is more than just money, it is an acknowledgement from the winery that you aren’t merely a client, but a partner.

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